Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Page!

I have added a new page to the site for comments and requests from readers.  If there is a story you see that you would like to see developed more, let me know!  If you have a story idea - something you'd like to see the apricots do or experience, this is the place!  I also accept word challenges:  give me one word (any word) and I will see if I can work it in to a story or title.  All you have to do is click the "Comments/Requests" link on the right hand side of the page and leave a comment.  I look forward to hearing from you!


"What is that?"  Nora asked.
"A trapeze," answered Silas.
"A trapeze..."
"Are you going to swing from it?" asked Nora.
"I sure am.  Watch."  Silas grasped the bar and jumped with all his might.
"Oof!" said Avery.
"I have a better idea," Avery told him.  "Why don't you swing OUT from the tree?"
"Okay!" said Silas.  He quickly turned around, once again grasped the trapeze, and jumped with all his might.
Now that Silas knows his trapeze works (and how to use it), he's going to be practicing a lot.  Avery and Nora might join in, too, now and then.  Like the old saying goes, "Three acrobats are better than one!"  Er, uh, something along those lines.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Cake!

My friend made me a very special cake for my birthday last week.
 It's Avery!

 (Yes, I turned 30.)  Happy Apricot Birthday!  :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


Avery and Silas hefted the box up into the tree.  "What is it?" asked Nora. 
"It's for the roller coaster!" yelled Silas.  "These are what we'll use to ride it!"
Nora looked into the box.  It filled with those paperboard food trays used for french fries. 
"From the concessions stand at the park," said Avery proudly.  "We got them off the tables.  We'll have to clean them up a little bit, but I think they'll be perfect."  Nora and Silas agreed and got right to work brushing out the leftover bits of french fries and ketchup.
Nora was the first one to go on the roller coaster.  Silas and Avery held the tray as she got in.  Then they gave it a shove, and away she went!  At the end of the track, she dropped out of the tree into a big pile of grass clippings.  Surprised, she looked up. 
"That was my idea," said Silas.
"Great idea!" yelled Nora.
The three friends took turns on the roller coaster for the rest of the afternoon.  Then they rested in their tree with some mint-water and some spinach-water.  And Nora tried out some lilac-water and found she liked it a lot!  It was a happy day for the happy apricots.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Nora thinks that a spatula would make a good roller coaster car.  Silas is going to cut open an aluminum can with a razor to make a seat to ride the roller coaster.  Avery is leaning toward the spatula idea, but he might try a plastic cereal bowl if he can find one.  They've collected enough cans now to complete the roller coaster, but they still don't know what to use to keep the cars on the track.  PVC pipe?  That's all they've been able to come up with so far, though they haven't been able to locate any.  Any ideas?

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Nora set down her snickerdoodle.  "How many cans of spinach water have you had, Avery?" 
"That's my fourth one today," said Avery.  "I know it's a lot, but I'm saving up the cans to build a roller coaster in the next tree over." 
"Cool!" said Silas.  "Do you have any mint water?"
"Here you go."  Avery tossed Silas a can of mint water and stacked his now-empty spinach water can with the other empty ones.  He had been saving them up for several weeks now and had collected over 50 aluminum cans. 
"Did you drink all of THOSE, too?" asked Nora, pointing at the collection.
"No, I snagged some of them from the recycling bins at the park."
"Are we ready to start the roller coaster yet?" asked Silas as he tossed his now-empty can toward the stack.
"Wait, Silas, don't!!" Avery started.  But it was too late.  Aluminum cans rolled in all directions, lodging in the crooks of the branches below them as well as dropping to the ground.
"Great," said Nora.  "Now people will think this is an aluminum-can tree."
Avery blinked at her.  "You're picking those up," he told Silas, "and then I guess we'll start it now."
"All of them??" Silas groaned.
"At least get the ones on the ground.  I'll get what I can carry from here and meet you in the other tree."
"Hooray!" Silas leaped down the tree to pick up cans while Nora and Avery gathered the cans from the tree and carried them next door.  Together, they fastened the cans between the knobby branches to build the hills and loops of a roller coaster right in the tree. 
"That looks good," said Avery, "but I want to make it longer.  Let's collect some more cans and add to it later."
"Yeah, then it will be the BEST!" said Silas.
"How will we ride it?"  asked Nora.  "What will we use for the track and the cars?"
"Well, I don't know yet," said Avery.  "Do you have any ideas?"
"I'll think about it."
"Ok, we'll all think about those things while we collect more cans.  Agreed?" 
"Yes!" shouted Silas and Nora.
"Great.  Now let's get home for dinner.  I smell dandelion seeds..."
Nora bounded straight across to the home tree while Avery and Silas watched in amazement.
"Yep," said Silas, "definitely her favorite."
"I would say so," chimed in Avery.  He and Silas laughed as they slid down the trunk and then climbed up to their home.  And dinner was sweet.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Favorite Foods

You, the reader, may have been wondering, "What do apricots eat?"  While I can't speak for apricots in general, I CAN tell you what Happy Apricots eat.  Mostly, they just drink water - flavored water if they can find it (mint-water is Silas's favorite; spinach-water is Avery's favorite).  But they eat things like seeds and leaves, too.  Nora likes dandelion seeds a lot.  They're so light and fluffy. Silas likes sunflower seeds.  Avery's favorite food, besides spinach, is honeysuckle.  Well, that's all I know so far. 
You may also have been wondering HOW Apricots eat.  That I can't tell you.  I only know that they do.  And that they like it.  But the how of it is a secret that they would prefer remain a mystery.  Or a mystery they want to remain a secret.  One or the other.
In any case, they DO eat, and they DO have favorite foods.  I haven't found out about all of them yet, but I have told you what I can.  And that is that.
Time to go have some food...